What is the deal

The Bounty Hunt predictions game is broken down into sections. If you get in before the start of the show, you can select a “bounty hunter’ - a hero player you think it going to overperform in the tournament. Of nine possible achievements, you can pick four that you think that player will achieve. If they achieve those over the course of the tournament - you get points. What’s more, if they are involved in achieving any of the Bounties in Bounty Hunt - you’ll get more points.

In addition to picking your Bounty Hunter, you can check in between each broadcast (that’s before day 1, after day 1 but before day 2 - and so on) to fill in “daily predictions”. These specific questions will be highlighted on broadcast - another way for you to get involved. And they are all, of course, worth more points towards prizes if you get them right.


There are $5000 up for grabs in the prediction game

– $1500 for the highest overall point scorer. To be in with a chance to win this, your best bet is to get started early, pick a Bounty Hunter and make sure you fill out every day’s predictions!

– 3 x $250 for the highest points scorers each day. This extra cash means that even if you miss out on the Bounty Hunter pick and the first few days predictions, you can still win if you perform well on an individual day.

Overall Leaderboard
User Name
1 b_ 3360
2 Heytaoo 3204
3 Silvos 2984
4 darxeo 2956
5 johnjoseph 2894
6 ioki9 2883
7 anon 2876
8 Denzhil 2858
9 DarkWay 2856
10 esimamad 2837
Day 5 Leaderboard
User Name
1 jdsyam12 929
2 Mulgan95 921
3 T4M3-Rango 900
3 DarkWay 900
5 Brij74 826
6 sheva7788 800
7 Epsilon 756
8 Igniko 731
9 savedez 726
10 Desmondj 723